7 Herons Consulting wants to take you to the edge, to reveal the path to REAL living and leading. 

As a psychology instructor I have to accept that every semester students drop out of my class. I don’t like it, but it happens – and I  know why. For the most part they leave because they struggle to balance school, work and relationships…the very things that constitute a life. Some of their life stories are amazingly difficult, some even tragic. Yet, more often than not it’s not knowing how to cope with the stories, rather than the stories themselves, that lead to dropping out, burning out or making damaging choices. 

Balancing and coping with the various aspects of a life aren’t only student issues. They’re human ones. Whether in business, relationships, or personal endeavors…too often we end up pushing ourselves to exhaustion, becoming trapped by our own worst habits or giving up and resigning to limited results. Any of which leaves us with a sense of living a less than satisfying, successful, happy or genuine life.  


The answer: Get REAL. 



  • Learn the secrets of Essence-Driven Leading and Living.

  • Make powerful shifts that last.

  • Pass it on. 



Tracy’s Presentations:



Personalized Coaching:

  • 45 minute call with Tracy. Where are you now and where would you like to be? Begin to set a road map.

  • Take the SEI Assessment for Emotional Intelligence

  • 45 minute debrief with Tracy.

    • Go over your SEI.

    • Set up your unique protocol for becoming a REAL Revolutionary!

  • REAL Revolutionary Coaching with Tracy based on your protocol.

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Get REAL Tools and transform your life!

SEI Assessment Tools

Evaluate 8 important emotional skills and learn more about what drives your quality of life, health and decision-making. Learn what’s impacting your personal effectiveness and level of influence in the world.  

Tracy Carreon is a certified assessor for the following:

  • SEI:  Illuminate your emotional strengths and challenges so you may begin taking steps to optimize your levels of satisfaction with school and work,  in relationships and with yourself.

  • Brain Profile: Taken from the SEI, the Brain Profile provides a snapshot of how you currently use your emotions and cognition to make decisions and navigate everyday interactions.

  • SEI 360: The 360 report is a comprehensive view of your EQ, providing feedback from colleagues, supervisors, direct reports, family members and friends. See how you’re “showing up” and accurately identify where there may be gaps in between your self-perceptions and those of others.




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