My greatest desire with R.E.A.L. Coaching is to join you in discovering what most genuinely defines the life you want to create, by uncovering what REAL happiness, success and meaning look like for YOU. Then, together setting the goals and initiating the practices to get you there.



Responsive:  knowing yourself, being aware of how stress impacts you and being able to respond mindfully and consciously, rather than reacting from hardwired habits.


Engaged: being present in the moments of life and doing what most inspires and impassions you.


Authentic: being…you, setting and taking intentional action toward that which brings your life meaning, joy and purpose.


Living: the whole of who you are, the choices you make, your conscious responses and your felt experience of this thing called life.



With R.E.A.L. Coaching, unlock the power of your brain to:

  • Reduce the impacts of stress on your mind and body

  • Increase Resilience, Optimism and Joy

  • Uncover the career, relationship and life goals that mean the most to YOU…and make them REAL!

What R.E.A.L. coaching is NOT:

No magic pill. No quick fixes. No guru, but you.  


What R.E.A.L. Coaching IS:

Structured and flexible guidance, unconditional support, positive accountability, knowledge and experience grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology


Personalized Coaching:

  • In Person, Phone or Skype

  • Base Program (5 weekly sessions), 3 month (8 sessions) or customized packages.

  • Free 15 minute consultation

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