For years we’ve sought the secret to success and happiness, looking everywhere for answers. Today, neuroscience and psychology are blending to tell us a very interesting truth: the answers are TRULY inside us. But what keeps us from reaching them, or using them?

Often…Stress. Storytelling. Outdated habits.

Our challenge? Integrate our mental and physical systems to thrive in today’s (and tomorrow’s) environment. It’s time to update the story and claim the power that’s ours. 


The Mind of Optimal Living

Shaping Your Brain for REAL Success and Happiness


Ideal Audience:   Individuals, Families, Students – high school and college – parents, educators, professionals. Those under pressure, who feel stress is getting the best of them and inhibiting peak performance or optimal levels of success and happiness.


Summary:  In a style knowledgeable, relatable and humorous Tracy takes audiences into the science and real world of Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Conscious Habit Formation and Mindfulness. Learn why we respond to the stressors of life the way we do, what continues to stand in our way of really managing its impact on our lives and practice proven tools for making powerful, lasting shifts. Most importantly, explore the Constellations and Star Competencies for creating REAL happiness and success. 


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