We’re all seeking something – greater independence, a broken habit, more wealth and success, increased health and well-being or simply…truer happiness. From all of our efforts, we desire results. What makes the difference between getting what we hope for…and not? How are results created? What inhibits the ones we want?


I call it, the Anatomy of Results.



Get Real Results


Audience: Students, parents, educators, executives, corporate employees. Those striving for advancement in school, work and life, desiring to change limiting habits of behavior, thought or emotions and begin experiencing the positive results they seek.

Summary: Go behind the scenes and discover how results are created and what it really takes to change them. By learning the “Anatomy of Results” you will understand why simple “will power” is rarely enough, how to recognize the “choice point” for change, and begin building a bridge to the results you want.

Merging the latest in neuroscience, psychology and wellness Tracy will reveal the Anatomy of Results – a clear and illuminating map for understanding how the current results you experience in life – in school, work, relationships, health or general well-being – were developed, and how to begin making powerful shifts in behavior, thoughts and emotion, to transform future results. You will learn to define the Choice Point as well as practices to put into place to redefine what comes next…


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