Discover the 3 Constellations for Essence-Driven Leadership.

Learn powerful – and empowering – tools that will change your experience from the inside out…starting at the deepest and most lasting level – your brain.

Backed by science and proven through practice, The Mind of True Leadership is a business and life game-changer. 



The Mind of True Leadership: 

Shaping your brain for optimal leading and living


Best Audience: Businesses, Educational Organizations, Healthcare providers, Teachers and Professionals. 

Summary:  In this highly engaging and impactful presentation Tracy outlines the 3 Constellations and Star Competencies for Essence-Driven Leadership. You will discover the science and practice behind optimizing results and making significant and REAL shifts in your business, and your life.

Length: Customized by group size and needs, from 1 hour to full day.


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