R.E.A.L. Coaching

I’ve found the most meaningful, transformative experiences in coaching come from a mix of structured activity and open conversation.

There are things I like to share to help us navigate the journey we are embarking upon… things about the brain, how we build habits, what practices can be useful in training the brain to support the mind in making changes that last.

Most important is the time taken to seek clarity, awareness, intentional action and  engagement in the process of change and growth, through exercises, mindful practices and conversation. You set the goals (inner and outer) that inspire you. I support and offer perspective and accountability. Together we celebrate the successes and find the truth and learning in the challenges.  


Personalized Coaching:

  • In Person, Phone or Skype

  • Base Program (5 weekly sessions), 3 month (8 sessions) or customized packages.

  • Free 15 minute consultation

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