An image of a nice compass with the words Better WayEmotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is the essence of life optimization. It can make the difference between surviving and thriving, mediocre and extraordinary – be it at work, in relationships or overall life satisfaction. Decades of research have shown that though IQ might determine your career direction,  EQ will help determine how successful you are once you get there. With friends, family members and partners, EQ can help create deeper, more integrated and meaningful relationships. And when it comes to the primary relationship of our lives – the one with ourselves – EQ, at its finest, provides guidance for cultivating a Self and a life of significant fulfillment.



SEI Assessment Tools

Based on the Six Seconds Model for Emotional Intelligence the SEI measurement tools evaluate 8 key emotional competencies, identifying drivers that impact personal effectiveness, influence, quality of life, health and decision-making.

Tracy Carreon is a certified assessor for the following:

  • SEI: Illuminate your EQ strengths and challenges so you may begin taking steps to optimize your levels of satisfaction with work,  in relationships and with yourself.
  • Brain Profile: Taken from the SEI, the Brain Profile provides a snapshot of how you currently use your emotions and cognition to make decisions and navigate everyday interactions.
  • SEI 360: The 360 report is a comprehensive view of your EQ, providing feedback from colleagues, supervisors, direct reports, family members and friends. See how you’re “showing up” and accurately identify where there may be gaps between your self-perceptions and those of others.


EQ and Get Real Coaching

Deepen the value of the SEI Assessments by working directly with Tracy to help clarify your strengths and challenges and learn tools to overcome your underminers.


Getting Started: 

Ready to dive deeper and explore the world of Emotional Intelligence? A great place to start is with the SEI, an online self-report assessment that rates levels of EQ in 8 areas. Once you’ve completed the assessment Tracy will take you through a one hour debriefing session, meant to clarify the findings and enrich their meaning and purpose in your life. Rather than just getting a “score” in various competencies you begin to understand  how all 8 interact dynamically. The subtle dance between them presents a picture of the relationship you have with emotions – how you understand, use and navigate them, how they impact your choices and infuse your daily interactions and life direction. The information you glean about yourself can be life-changing, offering opportunities for growth, leading to greater success, happier relationships and more fulfilled living.

Once you’ve taken the assessment and been through a thorough debriefing of your SEI report, continued coaching can provide ongoing support, guidance and a catalyst for personal and career growth.

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